Take your retail merchandising teams to the next level!

What if we could reduce your spend on retail merchandising activities by simply improving your rep's productivity and efficincy while giving you real-time visability and instand data reporting and dashboards? Ask us how we reduced in-store time by over 33% for a merchandising team of  500 people.  

Designed specifically for Retail and CPG Merchandising, Mobitor allows you to closely manage store displays and products through dedicated software working in concert with a merchandising execution application.



Why our Fortune 1000 clients love Mobitor:

  • Photo Capture: Take pictures of displays and compare to guidelines

  • Real-time KPI Dashboard: Configurable dashboard tracks your key metrics

  • Fully Configurable: Easily customize surveys, tasks and jobs for your team

  • iOS / Android: Designed for iPhones, iPads and Android devices

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